Nail Care

Full Sets (First or New Sets)

Tips or Sculpture: R440

Long Coffin / Almond: R470

XLong Coffin / Stilettos: R670

Overlay (On Natural Nails)

Acrylic Overlay: R340

Acrylic Over + Gel: R430

Gel: R210

Fills (Short Service, Same Design)

2-3 Weeks: R200

4+ Weeks: R220

Back Fills (Change of Design)

2-3 Weeks: R300

4+ Weeks: R330

Acrylic + Gel: R210

Nail Art

Colour, Glitter, Chrome, Stones, Built in Lace, 3D Art, Confetti, Stamps: R20 – R40

Additional Services

Soak / Removal: R90

Buff & Top Coat: R90

Nail Repair: R50

Spray Tanning

Spray Tan (A Quick go to Tan)

Foot Care

Pedicures (The Perfect Solution for tired feet)

Executive Pedi + Gel: R400

Executive Pedi: R250

Express: R190



Gel Toes: R200

Glitter / Acrylic: R220

 French Gel: R220

French Acrylic: R250


Needling & Facials

  • Hey Gorgeous Combo: 4x Micro Needling sessions & 2x Facials: R1000
  • Juliette Armand Combo: 2x Micro Needling sessions & 2x Facials: R1500
  • Juliette Armand Skin Booster Facial with Nano Needling: R650
  • Hey Gorgeous Facial (including facial analysis): R350
  • Juliette Armand Essential Facial (including facial analysis): R300
  • Facial Analysis: R200 


Full Body: R500

Back, Neck & Shoulders: R350

Shoulders: R80

Hands: R30


  • Eyebrow Wax: R60
  • Lip Wax: R60
  • Full Face Wax: R150
  • Under Arm Wax: R80

Laser Hair Removal

(price per session)

Face: R200

Underarm: R200

Arm: R300

Half Leg: R400

Full Leg: R550



(price per session)

Bikini: R400

Hollywood: R550

Chest: R500

Back: R550