The standard Bride-to-be Price within the Kikuyu People – A step-by-Action Guide

The fresh dowry commission techniques, otherwise ruracio, throughout the Kikuyu community out of Kenya are a series of incidents one to culminate from the fee out of a sum of money, livestock, and other valuable services and products from the groom otherwise their family members so you’re able to this new bride’s family unit members. That it longstanding society is seen as an approach to award and you may value the latest fiance along with her household members, and commemorate brand new connection of the two families.

  1. The method begins in the event that bridegroom offers to the newest bride and you will, in the event the she agrees, he sets an ending up in this new elders out of their group. This type of parents are members of new lengthened family unit members who will be in their 1960s or more mature.
  2. The fresh new bridegroom delivers a delegation, generally consisting of 8-fifteen people, to the bride’s family relations to share with her or him off his intent to marry and to demand good dowry discussion conference.
  3. When the elders come to the latest bride’s house, he or she is met by bride’s family members, who possess also known as her group of parents. Both groups exchange small presents of inactive items, for example grain, grain, glucose, tea, and you will cooking oil, once the an indication of admiration and goodwill.
  4. The brand new dowry settlement conference will then be stored, to the groom’s delegation plus the bride’s loved ones revealing the conditions of your dowry commission. It discussion processes is extended, which have both parties negotiating and you will discussing up until a collectively agreed upon matter are reached.
  5. Brand new dowry payment techniques includes plenty of situations leading right up toward actual fee of your dowry. Such incidents were “kumenya mucii” (observing the latest bride’s home), “kuhanda ithigi” (practically meaning planting a branch from a tree), and you may “kuracia” (real dowry percentage).
  6. “Kuhanda ithigi” try a great symbolic enjoy where bridegroom vegetation a part regarding a forest to help you denote that bride to be could have been technically booked by the him.
  7. “Kuracia” is the actual dowry percentage, which is determined by many affairs such as the bride’s degree, industry, personal class, and whether or not she is a great virgin otherwise pregnant. New dowry payment s, goats Е panjolska djevojka izlake , sheep, covers, heifers, goats mentioned in the 10s, and cash.
  8. Following the dowry might have been agreed upon and you will repaid, the newest groom’s nearest and dearest visits this new bride’s home to come across in which their daughter would-be residing a lifestyle entitled “itara.”
  9. The fresh “kuguraria,” or antique Kikuyu wedding out-of antiquity, will be held, that requires brand new wedding couple engaging in traditional moving and you will vocal.
  10. On the Kikuyu culture, the brand new spouse is anticipated to maintain his family relations and then make crucial behavior toward family, once the partner is anticipated to deal with the family and you will improve the children.

Total, the fresh new lifestyle off dowry percentage, otherwise ruracio, is an important part of one’s Kikuyu people that is still generally practiced now. It is seen as a way to prize and you can admiration the brand new bride-to-be and her family members, and enjoy this new connection of these two family. Although not, it is essential to remember that new community out-of dowry percentage is not universally acknowledged that is perhaps not skilled in all pieces out-of Kenya or perhaps in all social communities. You will need to be aware of and you can value the newest cultural lifestyle and you will heritage of one’s Kikuyu some body when doing good relationship or any other very important life situations.

It is very important to note that dowry percentage, like any community, are going to be susceptible to punishment or punishment. It is vital that all of the events mixed up in dowry payment processes work in accordance and you will stability, and therefore the newest heritage is not put as a way out of exploitation otherwise discrimination.

Punishment Of your Dowry Program

A proven way in which dowry payment has been mistreated is with employing dowries as an easy way off exploitation otherwise discrimination. Oftentimes, brand new dowry commission could have been demanded by bride’s family unit members in extortionate amounts of cash otherwise products, causing monetary filters and you may hardship toward groom or his relatives.

At exactly the same time, dowry percentage has been used as a means from discrimination, to the bride’s household members demanding high dowries having brides who will be experienced, features work, otherwise are from higher societal groups.

To address the chance of discipline and punishment of the dowry percentage program, it is essential for everybody parties inside it to do something with respect and you may integrity, and look at the financial element of your own household with it.

To close out

New dowry fee procedure, otherwise ruracio, is actually a historical tradition from the Kikuyu people that’s created in order to award and you may value brand new bride and her loved ones, and you can commemorate the latest relationship out of one or two parents. It is vital to value the fresh new social living and you can heritage regarding the new Kikuyu anyone, and also to ensure that dowry percentage isn’t used once the an excellent manner of exploitation or discrimination. Most of the activities mixed up in dowry processes is to act relating and ethics, because of the financial function of one’s nearest and dearest inside. The new customs may vary based regional practices, monetary facts, and you may cultural record, and is essential to see and respect such points to maintain brand new social significance of dowry payment regarding the Kikuyu people.